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Diploma (Anchoring & Reporting, Video Editing, DJMC, Photography)

Anchoring & Reporting

Video Editing


One Year Diploma in Photography

Course Detail: The one-year photography program is a total immersion experience designed to equip students with the practical skills to become working professionals. It uniquely provides instruction and intensive hands-on experience in the technology, aesthetics, business, history and theory of still photography, as well as the use of the moving image from a photographer’s perspective. While photography has always been intrinsically tied to technology, the image-makers of today cannot afford to call themselves just photographers. No significant prior experience in photography is assumed. The program brings everyone to the same level very quickly, beginning with the fundamentals and filling the inevitable gaps in the understanding of those who have some experience. An in-depth knowledge of digital SLR cameras, lighting, post-production, and printing Expertise at producing winning bids and managing a successful photography business Research techniques for documentary subjects or news stories visualized through photography Mastery of Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Premiere Pro) and Light room Intimate familiarity with the history of photography and major movements since its invention Knowledge of aesthetic theories of photography and experience with their practical application The ability to work independently in a high-pressure creative environment.

DURATION: 12 Months