Today, we are shining a spotlight on the #YouTubeBlack Voices Class of 2021. This incredible group includes comedians, beauty entrepreneurs, activists, personal trainers, gamers, and parents. These creators are the first class to receive grants from the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund, a multi-year initiative dedicated to uplifting and growing Black creators on our platform, and we are honored that they have chosen to partner with us.

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@Ari Fitz
@Asia Jackson
@Tyrone Magnus
@Soldier Knows Best
@Jacques Slade
@Shahd Batal
@The Edwards Family
@The Roommates
@Ahsante the Artist
@Jamilla & Que
@Ambers Closet
@Aysha Harun
@Nyma Tang
@The Glam Twinz
@The Grapevine
@Evelyn From The Internets
@Tarek Ali
@Chaz Smith
@Cydnee Black
@King of Reads
@Raynday Gaming
@For Harriet
@Kelly Stamps
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